Hip Hop Orchestra – Audition

Seeking String & Horn Players & Keyboard players/Pianists for New Hip Hop Orchestra

Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass (electric or acoustic) / Horn Players & Keyboards / Pianists

WHEN: Anytime



Hip Hop Orchestra: New concept ensemble is seeking young soulful players who love music for its inaugural season. Players with experience or strong interests in hip hop, rock, opera or other popular forms of music are strongly encouraged to apply. Players should be comfortable performing; playing while standing, moving, and comfortable taking stage direction. Experience with improvisation is a major plus but not required. Most pieces will be played from memory.

Audition Requirement
Prepare 1 short piece or excerpt from the classical repertoire & 1 Hip Hop / Popular music cover piece.


$50/ Rehearsal call.  $75-$100/ Performance.  Compensation varies based on experience.


Questions? Email: Info@hoperaworld.com or call 773-398-7633


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