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The Hopera School was founded by professional singer, composer, & producer Adrian Dunn  to change the way we think about vocal music education. The Voice program is dedicated to helping all vocalist in every genre achieve there personal & professional goals. Singing is a life style and has the ability to change your life and discover your true voice through voice lessons.


Lessons must be taken  weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.   Rates are as follows:

  • 30 minute sessions – $45
  • 60 minute sessions – $60

If a student runs over time and desires to continue working past their session time, they will be charged for the next half hour. If a lesson runs past the lesson time because of the instructor, the student will not be charged overage.

Required Course Material

All voice students are required to have: Your Voice Unleashed:  A Singer’s Guide to Healthier, Smarter, Successful, Sustainable, Singing.   A vocal singing resource guide by Adrian Dunn. You can also request an downloadable E- book version by emailing: Info@hoperaWorld.com  Click here to purchase   

Lesson Preparation

Students are expected to come prepared to each lesson with the following:  

  • Bottle of water; Recording device, 2 song to work on during the lesson & Daily practice 15-20 mins / day.



Online virtual lessons are available when in person lessons cannot be arranged. They are also possible if the singer is traveling or Mr. Dunn is traveling and needs to do a lesson with you while out of town. If you are in vocal distress or having vocal problems call your instructor directly for immediate advisement.

Referral Rewards!

Spread the word about us!  For every new student you refer, you will receive one FREE lesson. Referrals for individuals and group instruction count toward the rewards program.  

  • New students must complete a minimum of 2 lessons in order to receive a free lesson credit..  
  • Free lessons are not redeemable at the time of referral or within the same period (week, month) of the referral’s first session.


Social Media

CHECK-IN on Facebook when you arrive at your lessons and feel free to write a review of your lesson on our Facebook page. Write a positive post or post a pic from your lesson via Insta, Facebook, or twitter 3 or more times in the month and receive a 10% discount at the end of the month on your last  next lesson. Be sure to tag:

       FaceBook.com/HoperaWorld   ∙   Twitter.com/MrHopera ∙   Instagram.com/MrHopera


Students are expected to attend each lesson on time unless otherwise noted.  If you will be late, please communicate via telephone call or send a text to 312-927-8409.


Please be advised there is a 24-hour notice cancellation policy.

  • Notice of cancellation must be communicated by either by telephone call (must leave a voicemail if no phone call) OR in writing via e-mail to info@hoperaworld.com.   
  • A $60 cancellation fee will be charged for a no-call / no-show of any scheduled lesson or cancellation within the 24 hour window. The student has 5 days to make up that lesson.   
  • There are no refunds for missed or unused lessons.
  • Makeup lessons can be scheduled within the same week are subject to the availability of the instructor in case of an emergency cancellation or extreme circumstance.
  • If the instructor cancels the lesson it will be rescheduled free of charge.



Payment is due at the time of service.  Payments may be made by cash, check or credit card.  For online payments, please visit www.hoperaworld.com/hoperaSchool.   There is a $1.75 processing fee for all credit card payments.  If you need to write a check make it payable to HoperaWorld.  There are no refunds for missed or unused lessons.

Payment plans – We want every student to succeed and for finance not to be an issue. We do offer plans to accommodate our clients. All plans must be made in advance of your lessons & paid on time. All arrangements should be made via the lesson program coordinator.

Booking Lesson

You can set up your lesson time with your instructor directly. If you have any questions please email: Info@hoperaworld.com or visit us at  www.HoperaWorld.com


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